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About Cavallo

Cavallo - the premium equestrian sports brand with tradition. Inspiration and innovation are our passion. The company was founded in 1978 in Bad Oeynhausen. In May 2018 the current managing director Brigitte Weeke-Therling took over Cavallo from bankruptcy and brought a breath of fresh air to the company. Shortly after its founding, Cavallo became the market leader in riding boots and is still one of the most prominent brands in international equestrian sports.

In 1978 everything started with boots. Today the extensive range includes riding boots as well as ankle boots, chaps and casual shoes. At Cavallo you can also find accessories like spur straps, boot bags and the right care accessories.

Cavallo also launches two sportswear collections per year. At the beginning of the 2000s Cavallo launched sportswear for the first time, which at this point was still designed purely functionally.
Since the takeover the Cavallo sportswear is characterized by an extraordinary fashion claim and a high level of functionality.

In addition to fashion for the rider, Cavallo also offers products for horses since 2019, colour-coordinated with the seasonal goods in the sportswear collection.

Cavallo is the brand for high-quality equipment that perfectly combines function and fashion.
In national and international equestrian sports, Cavallo products are widely used and enjoy an extremely high reputation among the riding community.

Our Product Groups

Cavallo Leathergoods

Next to the new colors of leather  there are some extraordinary cuffs and replacements. Creativity has no limits. Lack, strass, pearls or glitter – at Cavallo everyone will find his perfect riding boot.

With our slim editions including the models Insignis, Primus and Linus we present modern time riding boots. Oriented at the customers individual needs we created very tight riding boots.

Day by day we work together to improve the quality and perfect fitting of the riding boots, so our customers are happy with our product for a long time.

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Cavallo Sportswear

Twice a year we present a great sportswear edition. It includes outer clothing, jackets, vests and coats, trousers, accessoires and socks.

Our sportswear is not only comfortable and functional, but also very elegant and fashionable clothes – sportswear does not have to be only functional anymore. Modern Artworks, stylish colors and perfect fitting cuts – that is Cavallo sportswear.

With some lovely details the look get round off.

Cavallo Riding Breeches

After the takeover of Brigitte Weeke-Therling we improved the fitting and quality of the favorite models. By choosing between many new riding trousers – elegant and classic up to unusal and fashionable we have a great selection.

Have a look at our products here.

Our favorite models Caja Grip and Celine Grip in selected colors you will find everytime in the stock range.

In combination to the sportswear collection cavallo presents twice a year fashionable riding trousers in stylish colors and cuts.

Have a look at the current catalogues.

Cavallo Horsefashion (NEW!)

Since autumn 2019 Cavallo offers for the first time exclusive horsefashion in combination to the current autum/winter collection. The special feature of the horsefashion is the high quality and very good fitting and comfort for the horse.

At cavallo you can put together the perfect rider-horse outfit. Next to the new sportswear collection twice a year cavallo offers in matching colors a sweat cooler blanket, saddlecloth, fly hood and fleece bandages.



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