Jumping boot with embossed full grain leather

Article: 383000

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Regular size: 2–12
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  • embossed full grain leather
  • grip leather panel inside
  • technical antibacterial comfort-sole
  • long back zipper
  • cross-stretch insert
  • spur holder and protection
  • lining inside with Cavagrip


developed with Janne

We learn from professionals what is important for good boots. After working together with Janne-Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann, we have developed the Janne Meyer boots. With grip leather at the inside of the boots and Cavagrip at the inside of the shaft these boots ensure optimal hold and prevent slipping. These boots are a real highlight due to the slim fit part around the ankle and the Janne Meyer branding.

grip leather panel inside

The Cavallo grip leather at the inside guarantees ideal hold. Due to this reinforcement, your boots will stay durable.