Leather Care Instructions

Leather riding boots, ankle boots and chaps from Cavallo

Tips & tricks worth knowing

  • Leather is a natural product, scarring is not a material defect.
  • External influences have a significant impact on the service life and utility value of boots, which is why regular and proper care is important.
  • When not in use, it is advisable to use boot stretchers (not metal) to maintain the shape or to stuff the leather boots with newspaper so that the moisture from wearing them can be absorbed from the inside.
  • The correct height of the riding boot or chaps is extremely important. If they are too long, the shaft will be compressed and deformed, which can lead to damage or chafing on the leather.
  • Zips must always be fully opened, otherwise damage may occur when slipping in. Closing and opening must be done with the boot in a stretched state and without applying force.

What is the best way to clean leather riding boots, ankle boots and chaps?

  • Wash off heavy external soiling (e.g. dirt, mud) with lukewarm water and a soft cloth, then dry with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use hard brushes (e.g. root brush).
  • Horse sweat, damp manure, slurry etc. are very aggressive and leach out the leather. The life of the boot is considerably shortened. Therefore, remove damp immediately, otherwise the leather will harden and become brittle after some time.
  • Any zips should be cleaned regularly with a small brush so that they run easily.
  • After normal cleaning, the zip gets a special caring protection by treating it with zip spray.
  • For boots/chaps with adhesive leather, do not treat the trim with care products, otherwise the adhesion may be lost.
  • Lacquer upper leathers are cleaned conventionally and do not require any extra care.

Proper drying advice

  • The leather boot needs at least 24 hours to dry, depending on the degree of moisture penetration.
  • Do not dry near radiators or ovens, only place in a dry, airy place.
  • If dried improperly, too quickly at too high a temperature, the leather will become brittle and fragile, shortening the life of the boot.
  • For daily use, a second pair of riding boots for changing is recommended.


Tips for correct care

  • Only apply suitable care products thinly and evenly to the properly cleaned boots and polish with a woollen cloth or nylon stocking. Please also follow the instructions of the care product manufacturer. Never apply non-leather items such as shine spray, glass cleaner, hair spray or similar, as this will immediately damage the leather structure.
  • Suitable care products are good shoe polishes in the corresponding colour of the boots. Cavallo recommends its own shoe polish which is optimally matched to our products.

We wish you much fun and lasting pleasure with your Cavallo product!