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Linus and Linus Jump

The boot design for children, young people and adults!

The new Linus and Linus Jump models developed by Cavallo are all-round boots for children, young people and adults. The boots - which are available in dressage and jump options - are made from quality, soft nappa leather. When designing the boots, Cavallo focused on functionality and long-lasting comfort. The removable insoles mean the new Linus range can span up to two shoe sizes to ensure they last a long time even on fast-growing children’s feet. Another advantage: 

On cold days, all riders like to wear thicker socks inside their boots. The insole is easy to remove to create extra width around the foot to ensure the boots are just as comfortable to wear even during cold periods. The Linus and Linus Jump models have a long zip down to the heel and a cross elastic insert to the rear, which makes putting the boots on massively easier. The jump model Linus Jump is also fitted with elastic Derby lacing. The new models are available in a choice of black or mocha. There are over 500 different size combinations to cover virtually all shoe sizes.

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